The Top 10 Things To Do in Eco Green Park, Batu, East Java

replika mobil eco green park batu

Hi, how about your holiday plans guys?

Is there any idea? Actually, I don’t know where I want to go. There is no Chrismast holiday suggestion on my bucket list. Therefore, I opened my holiday album again and found some of my pictures while I was getting around in Batu. As you know that Batu is well-known for its tourism area. This small city has many beautiful objects. One of my favorite tourism objects is Eco Green Park.

It is located on Oro-Oro Ombo, just a few minutes from Jatim Park and within the complex of Batu Secret Zoo. The ticken is only IDR 40 K for weekday and IDR 60 K for weekend and holiday. But, while you decide to get more sensation in Secret Zoo and Jatim Park, you must pay 300 K or 400 K. Why I have chosen this park for my last holiday? Because there are tops 10 things to do if you spend your holiday at Eco Green Park.

model bencana alam eco green park batu
The ecological model of disaster

1. Getting some fresh air

The cool, fresh hill town of Batu is wealthy. The entire area of Batu, including Eco Green Park, is surrounded by mountains and hills. If you start to enter this area, you can look Panderman mountain behind it. Feel the freshness here you will get many things for your health. Boots your immune system, calms you down, cleans your lungs, give you energy so you can improve your heart health. Moreover, you are able to enjoy the air with less pollution.

2. Feeding animals

Eco Green Park has many species of animals. Most of all are birds and fishes. The management provides the foodstuffs to feed these animals. Usually, there are certain hours to feed them. If you go there with your children, you can teach them to love animals by feeding it properly.

kolam unggas eco green park batu

3. Taking some pictures of the uniqueness recycling waste

This place has a very interesting concept in an effort to preserve the environment. One of which is the waste management, recycle.  Here, you will find a lot of handicrafts that was produced from the waste. In fact, there is also a giant statue made from a collection of waste used television an a replica of a dragonfly which was made from various electronic garbage.

replika capung eco green park batu
Hey, I'm dragonfly

4. Learning About Different Types of Bird

Eco Green Parks is also used to breed various species of birds, especially the rare species. Some tropical birds are cultivated here, including cockatoos, grafts, Bali starlings, flamingos, and so forth. There are Javan hawks-eagle whose existence is increasingly threatened. Several species of poultry such as grouse and duck are also found in some parts of the pond. The visitors can also learn about the life cycle of the various birds and poultry.

koleksi burung merak eco green park batu

5. Learning About Different Types of Insect

Eco Green Park is also displaying a variety of durable insects on the house of insects. The visitors can see thousands of different types of insects with various characters. The most favorite insects are a variety of butterflies that have a shaped and wing motif.

These insects are found not only in Indonesia but also in other parts of the world such as Africa and South America. Learning about metamorphosis is one of the interesting activities besides taking pictures of these beautiful insects.

koleksi serangga eco green park batu

6.  Understanding Science

Science is, in one sense, our knowledge of all that — all the stuff that is in the universe. We can learn about science in the eco-science center and music plaza. The area of music plaza is a circle with a large swimming pool of water and provides the music based on the movement of water in the pond. Not only can create a music but also we can play some games here.

tembak air eco green park batu

7. Gardening

If your hobby is gardening, you can learn all about step and process of gardening. Learning about hydroponics is the best ones. We can learn hydroponics in some of the materials such as cotton, jelly, and so forth. We can also learn various cultivation of the horticulture crop that became the icon of Batu.

koleksi kaktus eco green park batu

8. Learning about Biogas Recovery

Biogas is created when animal waste, or manure, decomposes. Capturing biogas from cattle, hog and poultry farms can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and recovering the methane from the biogas can provide a cost-effective source of renewable energy. Recovered biogas can be an energy source for electricity, heating or transportation fuel.

In Eco Green Park we can also learn about it. A natural process called anaerobic digestion creates biogas. Anaerobic digesters are closed systems that harness this natural process to produce biogas and other useful coproducts. These systems also reduce odors, pathogens, and waste.  The resulting gas will be used as a small power plant at the farm site.

manusia logam eco green park batu

9. Taking some pictures in upside down house

Many of the visitors want to capture the best moment in this place. Besides the best houses, there are also cars mounted against the force of gravity. here we can also feel earthquake shocks when the earthquake happens in reverse condition.

mobil terbalik eco green park batu

ruangan terbalik eco green park batu
Hey, can you find Baa-Baa White Sheep there?

10. Sharing your holiday experience

The last is your best moment here.

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Okay, happy holiday guys. Enjoy na lang!


  1. WAH! Bagus banggeeet! Tempat rekreasi asik, mendidik dan adem wahahahaha

  2. So, for 300 k or 400 k, it's like a ticket price for package to 2 destinations, right?
    But overall, if i can go there, surely I will choose the cheap one :D

    1. it's a package for several destiniation : JP 1, JP2 (secret zoo & museum satwa) and eco green depends on the time fo your visit. For more info please visit their official site :)
      Don't go there on the long holiday bro.

  3. JP 1 and 2, i hope go there some day 😁

  4. if i were there, i would spend my all day at gardening, because i love gardening so much.

    1. yey , not only gardening bro, but you can also learn about how to make a composter

  5. Saya ngeliatnya kayak bukan di indonesia lo mas

  6. wow,, that elephant is awesome..

    -Traveler Paruh Waktu

  7. If you want to enjoy a place with less pollution, maybe you can visit this. In addition to low cost you can also learn.

  8. Gajahnya keren sekali, dari tv bekas...

  9. just found that eco green park located in Batu.. i didn't even know this place when i'm visiting Batu.. :(

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