“Boon Pring Andeman”, The Best Ecotourism in Malang

danau boon pring malang

March. Yeah, I know this is the longest month of every year. I don’t know why I am so disappointed with this month. Every time.

As a matter of fact, I wanted to make a short holiday. I've just wanted to get more “me time”. But, I didn’t want to try getting out of my city. Making a joy ride is the best choice to do it. As soon as I decided to bring my motor on the track again, I made sure that I could visit the best place around my home. As for me, I don’t like the theme park to make my short holiday. After I had searched the new spot, I found the beautiful ones, Boon Pring Andeman. It is an ecotourism with the bamboo trees icon.

Not so far from "Tiban" Mosque that I had visited the previous week, Boon Pring Andeman is 50 miles away from downtown of Malang. On my GPS, it is only a few miles away from the amazing mosque. According to the map, I must drive only an hour and some minutes from the mosque. Both of them are located in Turen subdistrict.

On a Sunday morning, I was directing my ride on the way to Sanankerto village. Driving it slowly, It just a few months after I had injured my right arm. So, I had to drive it carefully. Along the road toward the "Tiban" Mosque, there were some buses that were carrying many groups of pilgrims.

Where you want to go?

Not for far from the mosque area, I came to a crossroad. Sign of the way to ecotourism directed me to walk a straight. I followed it and guessed that no more time again to reach it. So, I rode slowly. Unfortunately, it was missed. The road that I went through like no end. Then, its surface was very damaged and slippery. Besides that, my bike had to climb quite sharply. Oh, God, gave me a strength.

pintu masuk bon pring andeman

I was surprised after I had found the main gate of my destination. It was made of bamboo that arranged in such a way so that it was beautiful. I saw there was a group of mass hysteria by the euphoria. Many of them had already with their war equipments: smartphone, action cam, selfie stick, and so on. Oh dear, I had just carried my little pocket camera.

loket tiket bon pring
Ticketing area.

I had been waiting for a long time to get the parking ticket. It just 3 thousand rupiahs. I had to buy an entrance ticket for a price 8 thousand rupiahs. I came to the entrance gate after I had handed in my ticket on the operator. The operator of Boon Pring are the villagers. They operate it with the support of village government and subdistrict police officer. I passed their office of it just a mile away from the main gate.

Keep clean guys.
Hi buddy, come to papa. Let's take some epic picture!

Oh, it was so amazing. I was surprised after I had entered the main gate. I was interested in the beautiful spot on the edge of the lake. Seeing the visitors riding the manual boat, I sat under the tree and started to take some pictures. I tried to talk with a family that enjoyed their breakfast. “How a complete tourism object it was!” said the mother. It was their first trip and the father decided to bring his family there in every month. Yeah, so did I.

perahu bon pring andeman
Boat terminal

In the middle of the lake, there was an island that surrounding by the bamboos. The operators planted garden plants there. The best area of this island was the narcissist spot on the corner of it. The visitors usually took their best photograph style there. The island is connected by a bridge with the main area.

Exploring the island
jembatan bon pring andeman malang
The bridge that connecting the main area and the island

I wanted to try on exploring the lake with a motorboat. It was cheaper than I did it with a manual boat. Just three thousands rupiahs, I went surrounding the lake with some mother and their children. Oh, it was so interesting.

I looked at the scenery around the lake and recognized it was the best place that I had visited. During the exploration, we ran across the visitors who ride the manual boat. Most of them were in trouble to work it. But, I swore that they were happy. The operator would call them if the time had ended. A half of an hour was enough to make a special moment with the family in the lake.

Let's go!

Hi girls!

Keep your smile!

How about my style?

Besides the lake, there were many best spots for the visitor. Swimming pool, archery arena, flying fox, and more narcissist spots. There was a tighter lake with lots of goldfish. Fish spa therapy was a favorite activity to relax, clean and exfoliate the skin. And, the best activity in this lake was relaxing with duck buoy. The pink ones were my favorite.

Swimming pool

"Bale Pangemong" The best place for parents to make sure their children swim savely.

Capturing "My Arjuna" shoots the arrow.

pijat ikan bon pring andeman
Relaxing in fish spa.

Don't leave me alone honey.

I wanna be with you until......

I think that Boon Pring is the best ecotourism in Malang. Not only has complete facilities, but also it has a hundred different types of bamboo. Some of them are Indonesian bamboo like apus, cook, bamboo woven and other best quality of it. Last but not least, the operators are very strict in maintaining of cleanliness. This is how I wanna to go to this best place again.


  1. ishh mau banget ke sini... ijo2 gt..... trus bisa maen bebek bebek an di aer.... bisa pacaran juga... bisa mengenang masa lalu juga.... huhuhuhuh/...

    1. yuuk kita ke Malang kakak jalan2 lah

    2. Ajak ajak ya mas... seumur umur belum pernah ke Malang euy

  2. Well, yeah. Many times, we underestimate the city where we live in. We think that traveling is always the best way to gain new experience or to be relaxed. However, many times, our own city shows to us that they have the best places to get us relaxed and refreshed, especially because our family is with us.

    Nice writing...

    1. I agree to it.
      The important of gaining new exprience or to be relaxed is traveling with our lovely person. It makes us very happy. Doesn't it?

      Thank you, Maraming salamat po :)

  3. Wahhh pengen banget menjelajah kesini, dari gambar gambarnya keknya seru banget apalgi sama keluarga

  4. i love this place, look so clean and green.
    and also we can playing with bebek bebekan on the water.
    i need to go here.

  5. Boon Pring Andeman nice place for refreshing, hope someday i could visit this place

  6. What a lovely place! The cleanliness of the place amaze me. Also makes me curious about hundred different types of bamboo. Wish be there someday :)

    Thanks for sharing, Mas:)

  7. Cuma bisa menikmati gambarnya aja karena nggak tahu bahasa linggis eh Inggris maksudnya.

  8. Keren banget tempatnya mas Ikrom
    adem, sejuk di pandang mata.
    pas pas banget ini untuk liburan dan refreshing

  9. Tempatnya alami banget. Indah dan sejuk. Wah seharusnya ada widget transelit nih.

  10. saya mau komentar gimana ya susah pake bahasa ingris. cuman jika dilihat dari gambar - gambarnya emamg adem.
    Enak buat liburan keluarga bisa naik perahu begitu

  11. Aku suka alam sekitar telaganya, tampak hijau rimbun.
    Air telaganya juga ngga kalah berwarna hijau ya ☺

  12. Lengkap bngat fasilitas dan destinasinya.. adem liatnya

  13. Wah keren mas tempatnya adem ayem gitu yah...

  14. Seger yah. Boleh juga, nih, weekend-an disini.

  15. Ahhh


    Relaxing banget

    Jadi pengen nyeburrr

  16. It was so happy and green area. I want go there next time. Hemm, aku kira itu daun2an yang ada di air, ternyata itu ikan ya?

  17. Pas aku ke malang terakhir 2013, blm denger ttg tempat ini. . Berarti hrs dtg lg ke malang utk visit nanti :) . Cakep tempatnya. Anakku mah pasti seneng, ada kolam renangnya segala :)

  18. Gara-gara komen Pak Ikram di blog tentang Boon Pring, saya jadi kepoin blognya ni Pak. Adem tempatnya ya. Andai nggak pakai yang berbau instagramable, tempat ini aslinya dah cakep.

  19. Ijin copy fotonya.... sumbernya saya sertakan https://www.ikromzain.com


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